Therapy Gone To The Dogs


  • Patient Assessments
  • Medication Management
  • Self Esteem
  • Stress Management
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Adolescent / Adult Therapy
  • Initial Evaluations
  • Secondary Evaluations
  • Therapy Treatment
  • Emotional Growth
    & Development
  • Relationships
  • ADHD & Related Conditions

Therapy Gone to the Dogs provides psychiatric/mental health therapeutic evaluation
and treatment for adolescents and adults.

Patient Assessments
Assessments are a face-to-face in-depth interview with the patient and important significant others, as necessary and beneficial with other healthcare providers involved (i.e.: PCP, therapeutic ND AD).

Adolescent and Adult Therapy
Therapy is patient focus with an emphasis on improving self-esteem, empowerment and interpersonal skills. This includes a heavy emphasis on healthy lifestyle, accountability and positive thinking.

Medication Management
All factors from a broad scope of health issues that attribute to mental health are looked at (i.e. nutrition, hydration, chemical make-up, sleep, exercise, outside forces, stress, interactions with others, etc.) before prescribing medication. Our goal is to prescribe as few medications as possible while improving ones mental health.

Therapy Gone to the Dogs

5200 SW Macadam Ave, Suite 312,
Portland, OR 97239.

ph: 503 764-9508

fax: 503 764-9558

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